Getting Started …. Again

I have on occasion written blogs. I have written a couple, mostly dedicated to religious studies. But since I am not a mega-pastor or famous author, site traffic wasn’t spiffy. And, Yahoo kept locking me out of my email and I lost my ability to keep up with the site. None the less,

HE Persisted.”

I moved to the Philippines in February of 2016 and my wife and I married in July. Yes, our anniversary is soon, bring on the Lechon Baboy, (roasted pig)! I can’t believe it has already been a year! I am retired and have been enjoying being “not” busy for well over a year, so I have decided to do something with myself. In my past life, I worked in either construction of ships for the Navy or worked on Deep Water Oil Rigs. Before I retired, due to the governments insistence that most employers in my field of endeavor hire mostly illegals, I drove 18 wheelers long haul. Now that was an adventure.

Like the majority of expats living here in the PI, I married a lovely Filipino, I mean is there any more beautiful? One thing I have learned and am learning from my wife, and others here is patience. Coming from the good old US of A, I am accustomed to the hurry up “rat race” and “get ‘er done” attitude. Here at first especially, I was a tad impatient. (Now that is an understatement if EVER there was one.) :/ My lovely wife informed me, I was being a “chickens butt.” “Chickens Butt,” I queried, Whatever do you mean? She sweetly replied, “you mouth always moving.”




Yes, I admit it, I was on about nuffin. But as of late, I have learned with her “kind” help :/ to settle down, take my time, let things be, especially when the neighbors dog is



mugs 1


As I said, I am learning patience. Another thing I am learning is the Filipino fascination with chickens, especially roosters, and most especially rosters that crow and




mad dog


So for now, that’s about it. Oh, I am seriously considering publishing interviews of other expats and of people I have met here in the last year plus. Maybe some of you folk. Who knows? Maayong Adlaw.









Author: omyword

yes :/ for now

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