I have been reading the news on the DACA situation and seeing all the gas lighting by the media and the democrats. What strikes me is the media who supported Trump has been bit by bit turning against him. This to me seems planned. They rode the train into the station by supporting Trump to get him elected because it made them big money, lots and lots of money. The more readers and commenters, the bigger the audience for advertisers and the more advertisers the more money. Now that he has won, it is as if everything is an excuse to stomp on him. The Republicans and the Democrats know the 2018 primary season is upon them. They also know that if the Trump base holds, their goose is cooked and the golden eggs are gone. The only way for the “swamp” to win is to divide the MAGA base. That is where people like Steve Bannon, Laura Ingram, Brietbart and others come in. These are what I call the “fair weather friends of POTUS.”

Lets examine what is going on. First lets begin by looking a the definition of a term I used above.

Gaslighing: (a short intro)

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group.

If you are a Trump supporter, you have been targeted. The media, 99.9999999999% of it works for its advertisers. That is where the money is at. Either that are they are on the take from cooperate and or political interests and their loyalty and fidelity is to the paycheck, NOT TRUTH! The powers that exist in Washington DC live and work on “K” Street and at the CoC, (the chamber of Commerce.) The people on “K” street are the lobbyist of the big cooperate dogs and control the chamber of Commerce. Since Reagan, the average amount of money spent per congress person has gone for 1,000’s of dollars each, to over 150,000 per congress person. (165,000!) That does not include back room deals and insider trading information, and land deals such as Harry Reid had with the Chinese, (the real reason for the BLM (the federal bureau of land management) fiasco with the Bundys.) Trillions of dollars are at stake with the presidents agenda to bring back manufacturing and jobs to America. The elite corps have a invested interest in open borders. The power players use the media to push their narratives and agenda to the populace. Former president Obama pushes the agenda of open borders for his own purposes which is to brown out the Europeans in America. He has always been an agitator against the white race. And no I am not a racist for telling the truth, it is his history even before he ran for office. His pastor,Reverend White IS a black liberationist, he preaches a doctrine of black liberation which is racist and the man is a bigot! Same with Obama, and his policies reflect his internal belief system.

Thus to preserve power and position and to advance the larger agenda of a “New World Order,” the Trump base must be divided. The obstructionist Republican leadership are in a panic. Recent polls have them less popular than Herpes. This does not bode well for the “home team.” There has to be a way….some way to prevail, but how? Money. Big beautiful money. There’s an old saying money talks, BS walks. Its true, every person it is also said, has a price. Name your price. You want money, we can make that happen, popularity? We can make that happen as well, just sign on the line, sell your soul to the devil and all will be well, you too can be a media giant!

There are some, such as Breitbart who found themselves on the inside with a winner after Ted Cruz lost. They backed Trump and Bannon found himself on the inside with Trumps ear. He even became the presidents chief adviser. Then for some reason he thought he could just run the white house and the president. Then came Ret. General John Kelly. Who put a little discipline in the white house. Bannon was not impressed and began talking to people like the never Trump crowd and others trashing the cabinet and telling reporters how he was going to do this and make this happen. He became an albatross around the presidents neck. Since he left and even before when it looked like he wasn’t going to get his way on a lot of things, (seems the president wanted to hear other opinions) Brietbart began to go negative on Trump. A lot of people were lit off by the gaslighting and now confusion reigns. Other alternative media are following Breitbarts lead and doing a dis-service to the president. Then people like Ann Coulter and Laura Ingram pitch in to trash the president, even AFTER he explains his position of DACA, the wall and other matters.

It seems it doesn’t matter all the things he has done with bringing back 1.2 MILLION jobs is six months, BILLIONS and BILLIONS of investment, the DOW going through the roof, the dollar gaining strength, (even though all the hype is the sky is falling.) Deportation is way up, illegal immigration is down 60% in just the first 6 months. The Republican leadership has stonewalled POTUS on every single item and has done nothing since January. NOTHING. But Trump has not only done all the above, he has called China’s bluff (the real reason behind NoKo’s misbehavior) and killed Tpp. So if Ryan and McConnell won’t behave, he does an end run and strikes a deal with Nancy and Chuck. The look on McConnell’s face was priceless! Now all the gas lighting begins, but miracle of miracles, even after killing the effort to get rid of Obamacare, here comes a new plan to get rid of it, just wham! Here is a new thing we can try. (like it was done overnight, Pffft) and low and behold the house just passed….A BUDGET!!!! With 1.6 billion for ….A WALL!

The swamp is in a tizzy as to what to do. The gas lighting seems to have worked …… some, but far to many aren’t buying it. The phones and emails are burning up the lines, now things are jumping. With the delay on DACA, the congress has to address it at primary season, and the voters are watching, the swamp is sweating, and America is winning.


In closing let me just say, all you fair weather friends





Author: omyword

yes :/ for now

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